Friday, 10 January 2014


At "Mixed Media Workshops" we had to do a "Word of the Year" art challenge - and I chose Frivolity!  I certainly need to relax and have more fun with my art, instead of worrying about the end result. I can be too much of a perfectionist and generally just think too much instead of just "doing!"  So I went with the flow, and this is the outcome!  I am quite pleased with the result.  I don't usually choose greens, so maybe this has some secret message for me - new growth, perhaps?  Here it is:

More art coming soon! :)


  1. Just seen this post Lindsay and it struck a cord with me. So love your word of frivolity (might just have to pinch that word). Your pages are just that and with lots of fun thrown in, superb. I too suffer like you and tend to think too much about the end result, which results in procrastination.

  2. It certainly does - and I am the world's biggest procrastinator! Not a good thing! Thank you Linda!