Thursday, 30 January 2014

Brown Paper Play!

I felt like playing today!  I found a brown envelope and my cheap craft paints and just went for it!  I stencilled the white area at the bottom of the page and used a text stamp and one of my leaf stamps.  I also used my favourite "Posca" pens. Not sure why I wrote "organic!"  The word just came to me while painting! Painting "naive" houses is one of my favourite things - though they are usually more colourful than this one!

It's another dark, dreary, rainy day today!  Hope it's dry and sunny where you are! :)


  1. Organic is the right word, as it was created without planning. The colours are very calming and I love all the little bits of detail with all the layers. I would never have thought of using an envelope as a canvas, great idea.

  2. Thank you very much Linda! I will definitely be doing it again! :)

  3. I like your little "naive" house. It looks quite welcoming.

    No sun here today. It was 75º yesterday and I doubt if it's out of the 50's today...and very windy.

  4. I hope we all get some sunshine soon! Thank you Janet!