Wednesday, 9 January 2013

More art on Etsy!

Hi everyone,

I have just added more art cards to Etsy including this big eyed girl!  I love drawing big-eyed whimsical girls, don't you?!  

I can't wait for the days to get longer, and then I can create more art.  The lighting in my house is so dull because of the low energy light bulbs.  I often pick up the wrong coloured pencil by mistake, when I'm drawing. Maybe I just need stronger glasses ha ha!  

Here's to warm, sunny Spring days! :)


  1. I meant to congratulate you on your Etsy opening, but have been down with the dreaded flu and only now recovering. So belated congrats, the store looks great and you already have sales, so well done!.

    I cannot work under artifical light with colours either, so yes roll on the longer lighter days.

  2. She is lovely and yes big eyed girls are the best! I struggle with light problems too but sometimes it gives some great results tho. :)